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Welcome to the Grunthal Town Website! We are excited to have this site up and running. Classifieds section now available. Click on the toolbar on top, or here. We welcome your comments and suggestions, please contact us below.

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2018-03-10 :: Posted by Grunthal Admin
If you notice any errors in contact information, names or phone number, please do let us know on our contact page. Thank you.

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2018-09-21 :: Can You Survive a Refugee Camp?
Location: Hanover Ag Grounds
Fundraiser by the Refugee Sponsorship Committee, registration at the Patio Grill restaurant by Sept 7th. Taking place at the Hanover Ag Grounds Sep 21-22, participants live under refugee camp conditions and experience what life might be like for 24 hours. Anyone can join! Contact either Heather Neufeld (381-2138) Allison Driedger (434-6772) or Pastor Harold Peters-Fransen (381-2644). Email can be directed to grunthalrefugeesponsorship@gmail.com
Brochures are posted around Grunthal as well for more information.