About Us

Grunthal Parks & Recreation Board vision is to offer broad range of recreational opportunities with the aim to create connections and cultivate belonging well meeting the physical, social and physiological needs of the community.

Grunthal recreation services will provide recreational opportunities that aim to maximize participation and contribute to a healthier community. Grunthal Parks &Recreation together with our community will take on a leadership role in developing a variety of recreational opportunities, programs activities, services and special events and facilities that will inspire people to participate in a range of opportunities and experiences that foster a strong and vibrant community spirit. 



Grunthal is a thriving community with many recreational venues. Whether it is swimming in the summer at the gorgeous Grunthal park grounds, playing baseball at our beautiful diamonds, kicking a soccer ball on our perfectly landscaped TriStar field or cheering on the local Red Wings teams in winter, we have what you are looking for!



If you are passionate about a particular sport or interested in being part of a planning committee, please contact us to connect you appropriately!