Grunthal Arena

Grunthal Community Arena

Located on 63 Albert Ave

In the 1930’s the first skating rink was constructed north of the present day Medo Land Dairies site, beside the old elementary school.. The rink briefly went to a second location, before spending a longer period of time at the third location beside the Guenther’s store (now the Big Way). Here, Mr. Frank Guenther was kind enough to hook up electricity from the store for the rink, perhaps in no small part because five of his sons were active in the hockey program. He was indispensable to the early development of hockey in Grunthal.

From beside the store, the rink moved to its fourth location, which was on the present high school grounds. Next, the arena moved to a fifth location, across the street from Medo Land Dairies, which at the time was Kraft Foods. Many stories have emerged from this time talking about how the plant would open up on cold days for players and fans to warm up inside.

The sixth and final location is where the rink is currently located. The official opening of the current rink took place on March 9, 1968 after the ratepayers of the area approved funding for the facility.  The rink has undergone a variety of evolutions since then, with expansions including new dressing rooms, artificial ice, and other renovations to make it more modern. The Grunthal Arena has expanded its programming and now offers a variety of sporting opportunities for local residents from hockey, figure skating, skating lessons and ringette.


Arena Activities

Grunthal minor hockey association which is open to children aged 4-17. 

Public skating is open to all. Shinny is subject to a small fee. Helmets must be worn while on the ice surface. Children and adults – no exceptions!

Check the arena schedule here or by calling the arena at (204) 434-6220 or  Tayleigh Giesbrecht  Ph (204) 346-7133

Minor Hockey- Nathan Knell Email:            


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