Located at the Grunthal Centennial Park, we have 3 full ball diamonds, ready for practice and games.

Intersection of Rd 26 N and Cottonwood Rd
1 ½ miles South of 216 hwy

Contact Lorraine Wiens

Registration - Now Open til April 23, 2021

Grunthal Fusion Softball will be having on-line registration only.  

All questions can be directed to Lorraine –

Volunteering & Fees

Along with the fees listed below for each age group, there is a volunteer fee of $50 per family.  If you are paying by cheque you can post-date the cheque to June 28.   It is payable to GCCB (Grunthal Community Centennial Park Board)   This fee is per family so if you have more than one child participating in baseball or softball only one payment is required.  This fee can be refunded if a family chooses to do park-clean up or a parent volunteers to be coaching a team for the season.  



Information Coming Soon